Borgerhout - Silsbug Communal Cemetery 

Cemetery Borgerhout, Silsburg (Source:

At the edge of the residential Silsburg, along tHerentalsebaan, is the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwbegraafplaats. Despite the fact that we are here on the territory of Deurne, this is definitely the cemetery of Borgerhout.


Behind the impressive entrance gate begins the main avenue with its monumental tombs and special tombs; piece by piece testify to the rich history of Borgerhout. There are also a lot of funerary treasures in the side lanes. The clear structure of the cemetery brings a certain calm in the overwhelming amount of striking and eye-catching tombstones. Although there is a large variety of large trees, the red beech tree leaves the most of its mark on this cemetery and provides shade and coolness during hot summer days.


This is a burial ground that, like Berchem's on the Floralienlaan, has a distinctly urban character and is at the same time a place where the last century transformed urbanization into a green zone and agricultural area.


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