Dranouter Churchyard

History Information (Source: CWGC)

Dranoutre (now Dranouter) was occupied by the 1st Cavalry Division on 14 October 1914. It was captured by the Germans on 25 April 1918, in spite of the stubborn resistance of the 154th French Division, and it was recaptured by the 30th Division on 30 August 1918. Dranouter Churchyard was used for Commonwealth burials from October 1914 and July 1915 when the military cemetery was begun. In 1923, 19 graves were moved from the churchyard to the military cemetery when the church was rebuilt.


Dranouter Churchyard contains 79 Commonwealth burials of the First World War.


Served with

·         United Kingdom (78)

·         Belgian (1)

Served in

·         Army (78)

·         Miscellaneous (1)


Dranouter Churchyard
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