Moroccan Division’s memorial

Historical Information 

The Moroccan Division’s memorial is situated within the Canadian National Memorial Park at Vimy Ridge.

“To the memory of the soldiers of the Moroccan Division, no fear, no pity”


To the memory of Colonel Plein, commanding the 1st Brigade, to Colonel Cros, commanding the 2nd Brigade, the officers, NCOs and soldiers of the Moroccan Division who fell here on the 9th, 10th and 11th May 1915. The 9th May 1915 the regiments of the Moroccan Division launched their attack at 1000 hours from the trenches at Berthonval Farm and, breaking the Germans’ defences, reached Hill 140 in just one leap, piercing the enemy’s line for the first time.


The monument was erected on the initiative of veterans and it was inaugurated on 14th June 1925.  Around its base are a number of Association plaques which commemorate some of the nationals forming the Foreign Legion.


A plinth reminds visitors that the Division remains the most decorated Division to have served France.