Dortmund Hauptfriedhof

On this war cemetery rest 9,036 war dead.  First World War: 298, Second World War: 8.738


3.338 Germans in the main cemetery.


On the foreigners cemetery on Rennweg rest 5,698 war dead. There are foreign and forced laborers as well as prisoners of war, but also foreigners who had fought in units of the Wehrmacht:


5,095 Soviets, 106 Yugoslavs, 243 Poles, 14 French, 15 Dutch, 30 Belgians, 7 Italians, 1 Albanian, 1 Bulgarian, 2 Greeks, 6 Romanians, 3 Czechs, 2 Hungarians and 173 unknown nationality.


The Soviet Memorial was erected by order of the Soviet forces. It stood until 1964 at the western entrance of the main cemetery.


Plan Hauptfriedhof
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Jewish War Graves