Allonville Communal Cemetery, France - Remembrance Ceremony

On Sunday 15th April 2018, Allonville honoured the 19 Australian soldiers and officers killed on 31 May 1918 in the barns of the castle.


In the early hours of 31st May 1918, German artillery fired 7 high velocity shells towards the village of Allonville. Two of the shells hit with devastating effect. The first of these caused the highest number of casualties from a single shell in the whole of the AIF - 69 men of A company, 14th Battalion. 13 men were killed outright and a further 12 died from their wounds (8 within hours of the attack). The second shell caused 17 casualties with at least 4 killed.


Accompanied by the "Samarobriva Pipes and Drums" and the "Fanfare l'Hortillonne"


Australian National Anthem - "Advance Australia Fair"

"Amazing Grace"