Englebelmer Communal Cemetery Extension

Historical Information (Source: CWGC)

The village of Englebelmer was in Allied hand during the whole of the War, and it was used as a Field Ambulance station; but until the autumn of 1916, and again in the summer of 1918, it was liable to occasional shelling. It was later "adopted" by the City of Winchester. The Extension was begun in October, 1916, closed in March, 1917, and used again in 1918; and after the Armistice graves were brought from the battlefields immediately North and East of Englebelmer and smaller cemeteries.


There are now over 100, 1914-18 war casualties commemorated in this site. Of these, a small number are unidentified and special memorials are erected to two United Kingdom soldiers, buried at Beaussart, whose graves could not be found. Five German graves were removed in 1923. The Extension covers an area of 714 square metres and is enclosed by a brick wall on three sides.


Served with

  • United Kingdom (121)
  • New Zealand (27)

Served in

  • Army (131)
  • Navy (17)
Englebelmer Com Cem Ext
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