Haelen, The Netherlands - Monument of Tolerance 2018.

A ceremony was held on Thursday 15th November 2018 at 14.00h. With representatives from USA, UK, Slovakia, Norway, New Zealand, Australia, Czech Republic, Canada, Austria, Germany and Belgium.


This Monument was unveiled on 8th March 2001 to commemorate the war years 1940-1945 and the 687 military from 11 nations who lost their lives in the Leudal area. In the centre of the monument a CD-Rom is displayed detailing all information but a visit to the museum will enlighten further.


The bronze monument, sculptured by Thea Houben from Roggel, consists of a half arch on an equilateral triangle which represents the Heavenly. The gulls represent freedom. The sword with the laurel-wreath and the clasped hands represent the battle fought and the fraternization beyond death. This application is designed by John Wagemans. The foot of the monument is covered with boulders from the river Maas, one for each soldier killed in action. The eleven red beams in the pavement symbolize the eleven nations involved.