Hem Farm Military Cemetery, Hem-Monacu

Historical Information (Source: CWGC)

Hem-Monacu was captured by French troops in the Battles of the Somme 1916, and taken over by British troops later in the year. Hem Farm Military Cemetery was begun by British troops in January 1917, and used until the following March, and again in September 1918; and these graves now form part of Plot I, Rows E, F and G. It was greatly enlarged after the Armistice by the addition of graves from the battlefields on both sides of the Somme and from smaller cemeteries.


There are now nearly 600, 1914-18 war casualties commemorated in this site. Of these, one-third are unidentified and a special memorial is erected to one soldier from the United Kingdom, believed to be buried among them. Another special memorial records the name of a soldier from the United Kingdom, buried in Clery-sur-Somme French Military Cemetery, whose grave was destroyed by shell fire. The cemetery covers an area of 2,198 square metres and is enclosed by a red brick wall.


Served with

  • United Kingdom (244)
  • Australian (131)
  • South African (16)
  • Canadian (4)

Served in

  • Army (393)
  • Air Force (2)
Hem Farm
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