Bouzincourt Ridge Cemetery, France - Funeral Service.

A burial service for two unknown First World War soldiers of the Bedfordshire and Dorsetshire Regiments was held at CWGC Bouzincourt Ridge Cemetery in France today, Thursday 16th November 2017.


Their remains were discovered with regimental artefacts during road works round the town of Albert. However, despite intensive research, including DNA testing, it was not possible to name either of them.


It is believed both men were killed in action in spring or early summer 1918.


The service, led by The Revd Iori Price CF, 1st Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment, and The Revd John Swanston CF, 1st Battalion, The Rifles, was organised by the Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre. British Defence Staff, CWGC Regimental representatives and local dignitaries were in attendance.


Both men were buried with military honours.


The CWGC prepared the burial plots, provided the headstones and will maintain the graves in perpetuity.


Bouzincourt Ridge do16nov17 Order of Service
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