Steenwerck Kriegsgräberstätte - German War Cemetery

Historical Information (Volksbund)

The German military cemetery at Steenwerck was created in April 1918 by the German soldiers during their Spring Offensive. It was then expanded during the retreat of August 1918.  Following the war the French Military Authorities brought in a number of German graves from the surrounding neighbourhood. During construction work in 1969 twelve German soldiers from the First World War were discovered and they were re-interred here.


The soldiers buried here are almost all casualties of the German offensive of April 1918 and their defensive battle in August 1918 as the Allies counter attacked.  Only 31 of the casualties died in the previous years.  The original wooden crosses were finally replaced by engraved metal ones.


The cemetery now contains 2048 war dead of the First World War, all in individual graves. Only three are unknown. The two Jewish burials are marked by a stone stele rather than a cross.