Eder Dam, Germany - 75th Anniversary Dambuster Raid 2018.

Eder Dam to host international memorial on 75th anniversary


One of the most significant events to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Dams Raid took place at the Eder Dam in Germany on 17 May. This is being organised by the local Dambusters Museum Germany which is run by local historian Herr Oliver Köhler.


The event began at 1100 local time on the wall of the dam, and was attended by local dignitaries and political leaders, and representatives from the embassies of Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the USA and France. The state of Hesse was represented by the Minister of Justice, Ms Eva-Kühne Hörmann.


Forty-seven people died in the Eder valley when the dam was breached on the night of 16/17 May 1943. There was a much larger number of casualties in the Möhne region: 1294 people died, including 749 ‘foreigners’ of whom 493 were Ukranian women labourers, ordered back to their camp for safely when the air raid warnings were sounded.


Fifty-three men from 617 Squadron died during the raid.  On 17 May 2018, we will remember them all.

„75. Jahrestag der Zerstörung der Talsperren Eder u. Möhne“

17, Mai Do, 2018  11.00 Uhr

Platz an der Sperrmauer (Westseite)

34549 Edertal-Hemfurth Hessen-Deutschland

Eintritt frei

Internationale Gedenkfeier zu Ehren der Opfer

des 17.Mai 1943 und aller Opfer des Krieges.


National Anthems of Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Great Brittain, France, Canada and USA.


Going Home - David Downes / Antonin Dvorak

Going home, going home

I am going home

Quiet like, some still day

I am going home


It's not far, just close by

Through an open door

Work all done, care laid by

Never fear no more


Mother's there expecting me

Father's waiting too

Lots of faces gathered there

All the friends I knew


I'm just going home


No more fear, no more pain

No more stumbling by the way

No more longing for the day

Going to run no more




Morning star light the way

Restless dreams all gone

Shadows gone, break of day

Real life has begun


There's no break, there's no end

Just living on

Wide awake, with a smile

Going on and on, going on and on


Going home, going home

I am going home

Shadows gone, break of day

Real life has begun


I'm just going home