Batenburg Short Stirling Memorial

Historical Information 

The war memorial in Batenburg (municipality of Wijchen) is a sculpture, made from a base of a British airplane, which was fished from the Maas near Batenburg in 2003. An information board has been placed on a pole on either side of the monument.


Crew of the Short Stirling MK. IV - LJ833 / 190 Squadron:

  1. / Lt. A. Anderson (pilot)- RAF -Groesbeek

F / O. A. D. Adamson (navigator) - RAF - Ravenstein

Sgt. A.J. Smith (Flight Engineer) - RAF - rescued

F / Sgt. W.G. Toiley (radiooperator) - RAF - Bergen op Zoom

F / Sgt. G.E. Orange (bombardier)- RAF - rescued

F / Sgt. A.G.O. Bellamy (tail gunner)- RAF - Ravenstein

  1. Sgt. G.F. Conry Candler (2nd Pilot)- RAF - Batenburg

DVR. A.E. Abbott (dispatcher)- RASC - Groesbeek

DVR. L.E. Bloomfield (dispatcher)- RASC – saved