OLV Stuivekenskerke

History Information (Source: Wikipedia)

The hamlet Oud-Stuivekenskerke is located 1 km W of the Ijzer, at Z of the current Stuivekenskerke, amidst rural polder area.The OLV corner, as the hamlet is called, consists of the memorial chapel" OLV der Zege ", surrounded 41 memorial stones in front of the chapel there are 2 memorial pillars: left for the 5th Lancers regiment, right before the 1st and 2nd battalion Karabiniers-Wielrijders.In addition to this chapel is the fortified tower ruin, with the top of the orientation table, with the memorial plaques for Mardaga and Lekeux and with near demarcation post No. 11.


Behind the house Oud-Stuivekens 4 is the concrete military construction.The access road next to the memorial chapel for Delacave is on Goemaere farm, which is partly built with reclaimed concrete blocks.