Pollinkhove Communal Cemetery, Belgium - Remembrance Service

On Friday 8th November 2019 a remembrance ceremony was held for Odiel Julien FREMAULT at 17.00u, Pollinkhove Communal Cemetery.

Born: 16/05/1886 at Pollinkhove
Lived in Tervuren, father Jules and mother KINGET Rosalia

Enlisted: 15/12/1916
Died: 08/11/1917
Cause of death: accident (explosion at the granate depot Zwart Peerd) in Vinkem
Soldier 2nd Class mil 1916
Number: 103/63429
Unit: 3 Li 2/1 (5 Cie)

Ridder in de Orde van Leopold II


Odiel Fremault entered service on December 15, 1916. On November 7, 1917, he arrived from the Auvours training camp in Vinkem. On November 8, 1917, shortly after noon, Dr. Loë took up his post in one of the barracks set up in the neighbourhood of 't Zwart Paard, an inn along the road from Ieper to Veurne, just past Vinkembeek. Doctor Loë is responsible for the medical examination of newly arrived newcomers. The battalion doctor approves all 28 newcomers, one by one, for the service ... until suddenly around half past two an incredible bang sounds.


At five to five, a message arrives at the Belgian Headquarters in Houtem that a store of ammunition has exploded in Vinkem, between milestone posts 5 and 6 along the road from leper to Veurne near 't Zwart Paard in the cantonment of the 5th company of the 3rd Line Regiment. There are a total of 31 deaths, including Odiel Fremault. He was buried in Pollinkhove, in 1923 his brother Camiel Fremault was transferred from the cemetery in Nazareth and buried here in this grave.


Pollinkhove Order Of Service
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