Rue-Petillon Military Cemetery, Fleurbaix

Historical Information (Source: CWGC)

British soldiers began burying their fallen comrades at Rue Pétillon in December 1914 and the cemetery was used by fighting units until it fell into German hands during the Spring Offensive of 1918. The Allies recaptured this sector of the front in September 1918 and when the war ended in November the cemetery was the site of twelve Battalion burial grounds. Many of those laid to rest here had died of wounds in a dressing station that was located in the buildings adjoining the cemetery, which were known as ‘Eaton Hall’ during the war. The cemetery was enlarged in the years after the Armistice when graves were concentrated here from the battlefields around Fleurbaix and a number of smaller burial grounds. A whole range of different Commonwealth units served in this sector during the war and the cemetery contains the graves of British, Irish, Canadian, New Zealand, and Indian soldiers, as well as over 260 men who were killed while serving with the Australian Imperial Force.


Today over 1,500 war dead of the First World War are buried or commemorated here.


Served with

  • United Kingdom (555)
  • Australian (269)
  • Canadian (38)
  • New Zealand (24)
  • German (4)
  • Indian (3)

Served in

  • Army (883)
  • Air Force (9)
  • Navy (1)
Rue Petillon MC
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