Orcq, Belgium - Centenary Celebrations.

Centenary Celebrations on Saturday 20 October 2018, Honoring tribute to the British Military in Orcq a 100 years ago.

On November 8, 1918, Tournai was liberated from the Germans after four years of occupation. The final liberation offensive was, in our region, the work of the Fifth British army. Arrival at Marquain on October 20th, it progresses towards Orcq and frees the center of the village on the 21st. The Germans firmly decided to keep a bridgehead on the left bank of the Scheldt resist and block the British to the limit of Tournai and Orcq along chemin Vert and chemin des Peupliers for 19 days until November 8th.


During this period, about 85 Britons were wounded on the territory of the commune. Sixteen others have been killed and have since been buried in the village cemetery.


Approaching the graves, we learn that the youngest, Lieutenant Frederik Cumming was 18 years old and the oldest, Richard Izatt, decorated with the Military Medal, 35 years, all mowed in the prime of life. They came from all parts of the United Kingdom: Scotland, Wales, Somerset, Kent ... and even much further: Singapore.


Commemoration in the presence of family members, the mayor and representatives of the British embassy. The Tournai region was liberated from the Germans by the Fifth British army.


Orcq Order of Service
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Orcq Tree planting
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