La Fosse, Belgium - B-24 King Size

Saturday 29th December 2018 a ceremony was held for the inauguration of the B-24 King Size monument in La Fosse.

On december 25th 1944 a B-24 crashed in the meadows of La fosse, Belgium. Landowner Victor Yansenne made sure the land stayed untouched. In june 2013, he contacted the community of Manhay and a group of researchers was called in to find out what plane it was and who was in it. In november 2017 the group identified the Lost B-254 of La Fosse.


On december 25th 1944, the crew of the King Size was assigned on a mission to Wahlen-Kall/ Germany. Their target was a industrial zone in Kall, with a railroad station and communication center.  After they dropped their bombs on Wahlen-Kall, they got into trouble, the King Size made a turn and got back in the direction of Hethel Airbase when he got attacked by approximately 15 Focke Wulf 190’s.