Roye Kriegsgräberstätte - German War Cemetery

Historical Information (Volksbund)

6.545 German war dead First World War


The German military cemetery was laid out in 1920 by the French military authorities, who put together the German fallen here who had previously been buried in field graves and makeshift graves in the areas of no fewer than 49 communities or who were found while cleaning up the battlefield. Slightly more than 2000 of the fallen died in the heavy fighting in autumn 1914 and in spring 1915 as well as during the trench warfare up to summer 1916. However, the majority of the dead were victims of the battles in spring and summer 1918. Those who fell in the first years of the war belonged to troops who had their home garrison in West and East Prussia, Pomerania, Mecklenburg, Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein, Hesse, Westphalia, Württemberg, Bavaria, the Rhineland and the Hanseatic cities of Bremen, Hamburg and Lübeck. In 1918 troops from Posen, Silesia, the Mark Brandenburg, Anhalt and Baden were added. A total of 88 infantry and 28 artillery regiments who fell are resting in the cemetery!