Memorial B-17 "Pluto's Avenger" Duffel

The memorial commemorates the fallen crew members of the American B-17 "Pluto's Avenger" bomber which crashed on February 22 1944 near this location.  8th US Army Air Force - 303rd Bomber Group

Here died for our freedom four brave men in the wreckage of the "Pluto's Avenger".

2Lt Morrin - P
2Lt R. Sheehan - CP
2Lt E. Gill - N / Died
T/Sgt J. Beck - Eng
T/Sgt F. Cataldi - R
Sgt D. Houser - BTG / Died  (mentioned on the Walls of the Missing in Henri-Chapelle)
Sgt R. DiStasi - WG / Died
Sgt E. Kannapel - RWG / Died
Sgt. C. Dodge, Jr - TG

Maj. G. Weinbrenner