Ligny-en-Cambresis Communal Cemetery, France - Wreath laying.

A wreath laying ceremony was held on Saturday 25th August 2018 to pay respects to Lt William Malcom Chisholm KIA on 27 August 1914, the first Australian soldier killed in France.


The ceremony started with a wreath laying at the "Monument des Morts" and commemoration at the French plot of honor.



Born 25 February 1892 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Died 27 August 1914 - Aged 22

1st Bn. East Lancashire Regiment

Son of Dr. William and Emma Isabel Chisholm. Born in Sydney, Australia.

An Australian, Lieutenant Malcolm Chisholm, who had a brilliant future, has died from wounds received while fighting against the Germans in Belgium.


He was the elder son of Dr. William Chisholm, of Macquarie street, Sydney, and was 22 years old. Educated at the Sydney Grammar School where he achieved considerable success, it was hoped he would follow in his father's footsteps and become a doctor. But it was his ambition to be a soldier. Going to England about four years ago, he passed examinations and was granted a commission in the East Lancashire Regiment.


It was during the fighting at Mons in August that Lieutenant Chisholm was wounded in the stomach. He was in the magnificent rear guard action that Field Marshal Sir John French has fully described in his dispatch.


A pencil note was received by Lieutenant Chisholm's parents from his major telling of the injury, and that it was regretted they were unable to take the wounded with them. The information was also given that Lieutenant Chisholm had been made comfortable under shelter. A couple of days later another message was received to the effect that the soldier had been seen by a nurse, and that he was being looked after by an English doctor in German territory. Then there was silence until a notification was received of his having died. The news reached Sydney yesterday.


When the last mail left England Lieutenant Chisholm's brother Colin was being trained with Kitchener's Army.