Guillemont Monument 265th

Historical Information (Wikipedia)

Located on the edge of the D20, connecting Guillemont to Combles, near the cemetery, this monument pays tribute to 87 men of the 265th RI, originally from Nantes, killed nearby, August 28, 1914, during the German advance which did not was going to be stopped only during the Battle of the Marne. This regiment was part of the 6th French army which was in the Somme between August 26 and 29, before retreating to the Oise. On the 28th, he was taken under fire from French and German artillery.


We can read: "In memory of the glorious soldiers of the 265th R.I., XIth corps, who died for France on August 28, 1914".

Bain, M. Barbier, A. Bellorge, A. Bernard, J. Bernard, J. Bernier, P. Bregeot, S. Bidet, H. Billy, A. Binet, J. Blanc, C. Boju, A. Bolo, E. Bouges, G. Bouillaud, J. Boureau, N. Boursier, E. Boyer, L. Bretagne, J. Brisson, Ch. Bupse, A. Charpentier, J. Chatellier, A. Chatelier, P. Chauvet, L. Clément, B. Clero, M. Couanet, P. Coutant, J. Cornet, A. Corneteau, L. Dauneau, F. Drapeau, P. Dufeasse, ?. Dupas, M. Finot, E. Flouré, P. Gaignan, F. Gatin, G. Greffier, H. Hubert, L. Huchet, L. Jagout, E. Janeau, A. Jeanneau, J. Jobert, P. Jubé, J. Lebideau, F. Leflot, E. Legentil, R. Legal, J. Legland, D. Leray, E. Leroy, R. Leroux, L. Loirat, P. Loreau, J. Magré, J. Marchais, G. Marchais, A. Margantin, P. Marquis, G. Millet, E. Morangais, M. Morantin, F. Moreau, J. Mustiere, A. Naud, E. Ory, H. Parois, E. Philippon, H. Pogu, S. Sport, J. Plaud, F. Presteau, J. Radier, E. Raoul, J. Roue, M. Richard, F. Rousselot, J. Saulnier, P. Serot, P. Tassain, A. Thomas, J. Tremblay, H. Yviquel.


On the bottom of the monument, a plaque also recalls the death, in the midst of his men, of Captain Maurice Fockedey, officer of the Legion of Honor.