Chérisy, France - Commemoration ceremony.

On Sunday 11th August 2019 a commemoration was held in Chérisy.


Cherisy remembers!  The Anglo-Canadian troops have liberated our villages, let us be grateful to them.


As part of the 150th anniversary of their creation, the troops of the Fusiliers du Saint Laurent (Canada) are organizing a trip to France in mid-August. It is in this context that, being part of the heirs of the fighters of late August-early September 1918, during which they suffered considerable losses in Cherisy, they go through this small village on August 11th. During this visit, the municipality will honor the detachment by presenting the "Right of City".


13.15 Parade in front of the town hall in the presence of Lieutenant-Colonel Steeve Mc Carthy and Lieutenant-Colonel Jean-Robert Zonda


14.30 Wreath laying in the communal cemetery at the "Monument aux Morts"


15.00 Ceremony at Quebec Cemetery


15.30 Reflection at "Carrefour Saint Michel"


16.00 Commemoration at the plaque in the Salle Vanier