Fort Liefkenshoek - Kallo, Belgium

Fort Liefkenshoek (Source: Wikipedia)

The Liefkenshoek fort is a fortification and fort near the former hamlet of Liefkenshoek near the Belgian village of Kallo, a part of the Flemish region of Beveren. It was a military fortress on the left bank of the Scheldt near Antwerp. It was in the period 1585-1786 an advanced post of the Republic.


After the Belgian Revolution of 1830 the forts Liefkenshoek and Lillo remained in the hands of the Kingdom of the Netherlands until 1839. In 1894 they were put out of operation as fortifications. Liefkenshoek became a hospital (lazaret) of the quarantine service on the Scheldt until 1952.


After the Second World War the fort was used as base and depot of the Belgian navy. From 1964 to 1973 it served as a resort of the Belgian army for professional soldiers and their families. Then the fort was closed until it was purchased in June 1980 by the municipality of Beveren and since 1985 a protected monument.


There is a visitor center and an experience center.