Fort Breendonk, Belgium - Annual Pilgrimage.

Annual Pilgrimage of the National Memorial of the Fort of Breendonk, Wednesday 18th September 2019.

Participation of the Royal Music Chapel of the Guides, the children's and youth choir of the Mint, 301 young people symbolizing the deceased, flags of the camps, Flower tribute and speech by Z.M. de Koning, flower tribute by governments, circle of friends and patriotic associations.


Every year in Breendonk a pilgrimage takes place in honor of the former prisoners of Breendonk, as well as for all political and racial prisoners of the Second World War.


This ceremony unites the "former prisoners" and different personalities. The Minister of Defense is always present as guardian minister of the Memorial, accompanied by representatives of the various governments and of the military authorities.


During the pilgrimage, various circles of friends and patriotic associations lay flowers on the execution site in memory of the dead of Breendonk and the victims of the Nazi persecution in general