Férin Kriegsgräberstätte - German War Cemetery

Historical Information (Source: Volksbund)

2,141 war casualties of the First World War rest on this war cemetery. 2,119 Germans, 17 former Soviet Union, 5 war deaths of the Austrian Ung. army. All 2,119 dead are buried in individual graves. Of these, 18 remained nameless.


The German military cemetery Férin was created by the German troops in April 1917, after the so-called "Easter battle near Arras" in April 1917, the front came close to Férin and therefore numerous hospitals had to be set up in the village. More than 700 of these battles rest in the section east of Arras in the cemetery. Another 1,300 of those buried here lost their lives in the so-called "Great Battle of France" in March 1918, during the German offensive towards Albert-Amiens, in the subsequent battles against positions and in the defense against the Allied major attack from July-August 1918. In October the German troops vacated the area. After the war, the French military authorities enlarged the cemetery with additional beds from 11 municipalities. The dead belonged to troops whose home garrisons were in Bavaria, Württemberg, Hanover, Hamburg, Lübeck, Bremen, Thuringia, Westphalia, Saxony, Brandenburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg, Poznan, Silesia, East and West Prussia as well as in the Rhineland and Alsace .