Emmerich, Germany - Dambuster Monument

Friday, May 17, 2019, Unveiling of the memorial to the crew of Dambuster ED937 AJ-Z at Emmerich, Germany


In the presence of family members of the crew and also Johannes Doerwald, the 92 year old German who is credited for shooting down the plane.

Military representatives from the UK, Canada, The Netherlands, US, Spain, Poland.


ED-937 "AJ-Z" Crew

Pilot : Squadron Leader H.E. Maudslay, DFC

Navigator : Flying Officer R.A. Urquhart, DFC, RCAF

Flight Engineer : Sergeant J. Marriott, DFM

Bomb Aimer : Pilot Officer M.J.D. Fuller

Wireless Operator: Warrant Officer A.P. Cottam, RCAF

Front Gunner : Flying Offcier W.J. Tytherleigh

Rear Gunner : Sergeant N.R. Burrows