Saint Charles de Potyze French Cemetery, Ieper, funeral service. 

On Thursday 7th December 2017 a funeral was held for 8 unknown French soldiers of the First World War.

Diksmuide was the scene of heavy fighting in October 1914 when the French troops and the navy fusiliers led by Admiral Ronarc'h could bring the overwhelming German superiority to a halt. They paid a high human toll for this.

Eight of these fallen French soldiers recently found during digging works were given a solemn funeral on the "Nécropole St Charles de Potyze.

Military honorary detachments from the Genie Regiment from Charleville Mézières and Fusiliers marins from Houilles (near Paris) as well as the music band from the 43 Infantry Regiment from Lille paid a final tribute to this Poilus.

A large delegation of Belgian and French standard-bearers and a large number of visitors emerged to brave the poring rain and cold to give a final greeting. A gesture that was greatly appreciated by the French ambassador.