Rumaucourt Kriegsgräberstätte – German War Cemetery

Historical Information (Source: Volksbund)

2,616 German war deaths 2 war deaths of the Austrian Ung. Army First World War


The German Rumaucourt military cemetery was established in the fall of 1916, when in the second phase of the summer battle the British attackers reached the area around Bapaume and Rumaucourt became the location of numerous hospitals. The hospital dead were the first to be buried in the cemetery. They were followed by the victims of the so-called "Easter Battle of Arras" in April 1917 and the British attack on Cambrai in November 1917, when the English tried to make another breakthrough using almost 400 armored vehicles. The German counter-attack in December 1917 also claimed new victims. More than 600 people are killed here from the battles in spring 1918 and the retreat that started in August. The last burials were carried out by the German troops in late August to mid-September 1918.

The rest in Rumaucourt belonged to troops, their home garrisons in East Prussia, Pomerania, Mecklenburg, Brandenburg, Saxony, Thuringia, Hesse, Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony, Westphalia, Baden, Württemberg, Bavaria, in the Rhineland and Alsace, as well as in the Hanseatic cities of Bremen, Hamburg and Lübeck were.

The French military authorities expanded the cemetery in 1924 by burying an additional 1,000 German war dead from eight surrounding community areas.