Fournes-en-Weppes Kriegsgräberstätte - German War Cemetery

Historical Information (Source: Volksbund)

1,921 war casualties of the First World War rest on this war cemetery.  1,916 Germans and 5 French


The German military cemetery Fournes-en-Weppes was created in October 1914 by the German troops. The burial of the dead took place initially - based on the design features of a civil cemetery - in a circle, but in later years only in rows until the Allies took possession of the region in September / October 1918. The battles in October 1914 and in spring and autumn 1915 brought high losses. More than 750 of those who died here lost their lives in the heavy fighting in 1916. A large proportion of the other victims died in early April 1918 as a result of the German offensive at Armentières and against the south wing of the British front around Ypres, especially against the Kemmelberg. The dead belonged to troops whose home garrisons were mainly in Bavaria, but also in Westphalia, West Prussia, Poznan, Silesia, Brandenburg, Saxony, Württemberg and in the Rhineland.