Le Cateau Military Cemetery

Historical  Information (Source: CWGC)

Le Cateau Military Cemetery Le Cateau-Cambrésis and the country to the west of it was the scene of a battle fought by the British II Corps on 26 August 1914 against a greatly superior German force. The town remained in German hands from that date until the evening of 10 October 1918, when it was rushed by the 5th Connaught Rangers and finally cleared a week later. During the war Le Cateau had been a German railhead and the site of an important hospital centre. The military cemetery was laid out by the Germans in February 1916 with separate plots for the Commonwealth and German dead. It contains the graves of over 5,000 German soldiers, many of whom were buried during the occupation, the rest being brought in from other German cemeteries after the Armistice.


A separate plot contains the graves of 34 Russian prisoners of war who died in captivity.


The Commonwealth plot is the site of almost 700 graves and commemorations of the First World War.


Served with

  • United Kingdom (477)
  • South African (24)
  • Australian (6)
  • Canadian (2)
  • German (2)
  • New Zealand (2)

Served in

  • Army (509)
  • Navy (3)
  • Air Force (1)
Le Cateau MC
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