Dendermonde V1 Monument

Memorial Executions 4 September 1944

On 4 September 1944, the day of the liberation of Dendermonde, nine members of the resistance were executed at the Scheldt-bridge by retreating German troops. This memorial commemorates them.

Their names were: Albert de Clippel - Pierre Opalfvens - Louis Opalfvens - Severinus Straetman - Raoul Termonia - Willy van Duerm - Philemon Boerewaard - Willy Algoet - Robert Marechal


Memorial Victims V-1

On 25 October 1944, De Herde House was hit by a German V-1. 28 British soldiers and officers, and 4 Belgian civilians were killed. This memorial, located nearby the impact, commemorates them.