Fort II - Wommelgem, Belgium - Re-enactment, August 1, 2015. 

Re-enactment weekend in Fort II - Wommelgem. Supply Point ‘Peover camp’ in Fort Wommelgem


Fort 2 (Source: Wikipedia)

Fort 2 is a fort located in Wommelgem and part of the Brialmontgordel.  It was built in 1860-1864, in brick with details in natural stone. On the main front building is a monogram of King Leopold I. The design is a modified version of Fort 3 van Borsbeek. It is also the only fortress where a turret was planned at the reduit. However, this design was never implemented. It functioned as a barracks and workshop for military vehicles after the Second World War.


The fort has been owned by the municipality of Wommelgem since 1977 and has been colored on the regional plan as a park area. Today, the fort is used for sports activities and gives shelter to local socio-cultural associations. In the fort there are five museums (Brialmont, Police, Musical Instruments, St. Eloo Museum, and Museums WWI and WWII, including a V-arms department) and a bee house housed.


Fort 2 has been selected as a Habitat Directive area and is an important wintering place for bats. Every year about 50 bats are counted in the fort.