Katherine Rothwell

US Civilian - WW II


Born:  28 October 1945 - Date of death: 14 November 1945  (18 days old)

Buried: Plot C, Row 32, Grave 10 - Ardennes American Cemetery - Belgium 



ROTHWELL William Thomas

Born: June 13, 1911 in Brooklyn, NY

Date of death: March 23; 1976, buried in Long Island National Cemetery

Service N°: 32516329, T5 - 748th Field Artillery, chauffeur and cook.

Widower from Mae Rothwell



FAUVEL Marie Louise, French citizen.

Born: November 26, 1918 in Paris, France

Date of death: September 25, 1980, buried in Long Island National Cemetery under the same headstone as her husband William


(Photo's of the headstones: courtesy of the Long Island National Cemetery)