Stichting Verenigde Adoptanten Amerikaanse Oorlogsgraven. 

Meeting 2 December 2017.


Following the footsteps of the 82nd Airborne Division at Market Garden in 1944.

Graafs Kazemattenmuseum 

These two Dutch casemates were build in 1935 to protect the bridge across the Maas. The bridge was blown up in May 1940 and rebuild during the war. During Operating Market Garden (1944), Flak on one of the two casemates was taken out by a bazooka round. This action helped Lieutenant John S. Thompson and his Platoon to take the bridge which later on was named after Thompson.


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Waco CG4 Replica

Klein Amerika 3A, 6562 KC Groesbeek

On 17 September 2014 a full size rebuilt of a Waco CG4 glider was unveiled here. It commemorates the Airborne landings of September 1944.

Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery and Memorial

Nijmegen-NL "Waalcrossing"  Sunset March N° 1141

Each and every night a veteran walks the Sunset March. At the ignition of the lights the veteran walks along in according pace.

Sunset March is a daily tribute to the Allied soldiers who fought for the liberation of The Netherlands. In 2013 the city of Nijmegen finished the construction of a new City bridge called "the Crossing" close to the area where US 82nd Airborne crossed the river the Waal on Sept 20, 1944 as part of Operation Market garden. 48 Allied soldiers lost their lives during this “Waalcrossing”. The street lights on this bridge are very exceptional, there are 48 pairs of them. At sunset these sets of street lights are, pair by pair, ignited at a slow marching pace. The total duration of igniting all street lights involved lasts almost 12 minutes.