Bauvin Kriegsgräberstätte - German War Cemetery

Historical Information (Source: Volksbund)

On the cemetery are 2211 German, 1 Portugese and 7 Russian burials of the First World War.  All 2,211 dead are buried in individual graves. 31 of them remained without names.


The German military cemetery Bauvin was created by the German troops in June 1915 in the course of heavy defensive fighting in the area between Armentières and Lens. From this time, more than 500 dead are in this cemetery. About 200 soldiers lost their lives in autumn 1914 and were later put to bed here. Another almost 600 died in 1917 as a result of the Allied large-scale attacks on Arras and in Flanders and more than 300 during the German attack in March / April 1918 and the subsequent war of positions until the area was evacuated in October 1918.


In 1921 and 1923, the French military authorities made extensive additional beddings from seven surrounding municipal areas. The now dormant belonged to 63 infantry and 13 artillery regiments as well as numerous other troops (mine launchers, medical service, supplies, airplanes etc.) and had their home garrisons in Thuringia, Saxony, Oldenburg, Hanover, Westphalia, Baden, Bavaria, East Frisia, Brandenburg, Schleswig-Holstein, in the Rhineland and in the Hanseatic cities of Bremen, Hamburg and Lübeck.