Krakow B-24 Plaquette

Historical  Information (source: Wikipedia)

Plaquette B-24 Liberator

RAF B-24 Liberator KG933, took off from Foggia Italy August 16, 1944, mission to supply insurgents of the Warsaw Uprising. After successfully completing the supply drop, the Liberator was shot down by German Luftwaffe over Kraków early morning of August 17.  3 crew members died in the crash, buried at Krakow War Cemetery. 

Sqdn Ldr J. P. Liversidge, RAAF, navigator Killed - Flt Lt W. D. Wright, RAF, pilot Killed - Flt Sgt J. D. Clarke, RAF, air gunner Killed - Sgt L. J. Blunt, RAF, engineer Baled and POW - Sgt. F. W. Helme, RAF, air gunner Baled and POW .


The mission's only survivor was Flt Lt Allan Hammet, RAAF, wireless operator,  who managed to reach a farm and received aid. With the help of Polish partisans he was able to elude the Germans, after recovering from his injuries he joined the Polish Home Army, participating in numerous partisan activities. Hammet, Australian by birth, was evacuated to Great Britain in March 1945 and survived the war.