BPC Dixmude visit

Saturday 11th October 2014

The imposing French command ship BPC Dixmude arrived in the naval base of Zeebrugge. The Dixmude is in our country for the commemoration of the Battle of Diksmuide during WW I. Today the public can visit the unique ship.


A hundred years ago the battle of Diksmuide raged, during which the 3,000 French navy fusiliers sacrificed to give the Belgian army cover during the retreat from Antwerp to the Yser. That sacrifice wants to commemorate the French Navy and that is why the Dixmude, named after the battle of Diksmuide, came to our country. Sunday there are ceremonies in Diksmuide in the presence of the crew. Moreover, the French navy opens the doors of the Dixmude exceptionally open to the general public today. A unique opportunity to visit this pride of the French navy. The ship is 200 meters long and weighs 22,000 tons. It can transport 16 helicopters and 110 vehicles. "This is one of the most modern ships in the fleet. We are here as a tribute ", says Captain Pierre de Briançon. "The ship serves to transport helicopters, but also as troop transport with landing boats and as a hospital."


BPC Dixmude is still on Tuesday at the Swedish Quay in the port of Zeebrugge. Today it is exceptionally accessible to the public between 9 and 12 am. Access via the entrance of the naval base. It's free, but you must be at least six years old to be allowed inside. (JVRB)