Doetinchem Tank Monument

Historical Information 

This M4A4 Sherman Tank of the 10th Canadian Armoured Regiment (Fort Garry Horse) had a part in the liberation of Doetinchem in April 1945.


In 2016 the tank was refurbished and restored to the authentic colours and logos. An information sign was also placed. Among the information on that sign is this:


- This Sherman tank served during the war with the 10th Canadian Armoured regiment (Fort Garry Horse) as part of the 2nd Canadian Armoured Brigade;

- This tank was used in the liberation of Doetinchem and was damaged by a Geman ‘Panzerfaust’ on 12 April 1945 near the city Hooghalen in Drenthe (The Netherlands);

-  In October 1945 the tank was brought back to Doetinchem and was restored by the men of the regiment and placed in the Canadapark.