Villers au Flos Kriegsgräberstätte – German War Cemetery

Historical Information (Source: Volksbund)

2,449 German war casualties of the First World War rest on this war cemetery.


The German military cemetery Villers-au-Flos was created by the German troops in October 1914 during the first summer battle. After German troops took possession of the site again in March 1918, further burials continued until August 1918. After the war, the French military authorities embed around 800 German casualties from surrounding communities, especially from Bapaume. On this occasion, the monument erected in the Bapaume cemetery was moved to here. The inscriptions read:

We bow our heads to our dead, who fearlessly and faithfully offered their lives.What was mortal we brought to rest here, their spirits freed their homeland.


"Thanks to this monument, the XIV Reserve Corps 1914 - 1918 would like to thank the comrades who fell in the vicinity of Bapaume." Württemberg as well as in Alsace-Lorraine. Another monument with a bronze cross attached bears the inscription on the front: "HERE RUHEN DEUTSCHE SOLDATEN" and on the side the dates "1914" and "1918"