Steenstraete, Belgium - Remembrance Ceremony

On Sunday 10th November 2019 there was a short ceremony at the Monument for the 3rd Linie Regiment. This monument replaces the former monument that was installed on the Steenstratebrug. Music by the West Yorkshire Police Band.


It is a simple white stone cross with a chiseled black-painted sword. On the foot of the cross hangs a bronze plate with the number 3 under the royal crown: the number of the regiment with the registration of the line infantry. The original text plates hang on the left and right, against the arched fence wall.


On top of the two ends of the bridge railings, three bronze guns were placed against each other. The stone bridge railings were decorated with bronze palms and commemorative plates. The Dutch text read: "In glorious memory of the 162 officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers of the 3rd line regiment, who fell from 24 April to 10 May 1915 in Steenstraat by their participation in the stopping of the German offensive, which took place on 22 April was chained with nitrogen gases ".


This 3rd line regiment was stationed in Ostend and Ypres before the first world war. From April 24, 1915 to May 10, 1915, it was installed behind the canal and suffered considerable losses in the German gas attacks. On 28 May 1940, retreating British troops made the bridge jump, destroying this monument. Fortunately, former warrior Achiel Durnez from Zuidschote had suspected something. He was able to unscrew the bronze plates just in time and hid them at home.


On April 26, 1953, the new monument was inaugurated by the fraternization of the veterans of the 3rd and 23rd line regiment. The original bronze plates were used again.