Fort 5 Edegem, Belgium 

Fortress 5, Edegem

One of the 17 fortifications belonging to the small defending girdle around Antwerp. Build in 1859, to be part of the Brialmont girdle to defend the city.
In 1977 the municipal Edegem purchased the fortress and converted in to a recreation zone.
Several socio cultural societies and sport club’s found a new accommodation in the fortification.


This brick fortress was built in 1860-1864, with beautiful brickwork and natural stone ornaments. After 1906, the main front building and the caponnière were reinforced with concrete.


The fort has a commercial battery to shoot at the city, just like Fort 8 in Antwerp (Hoboken). There are a number of hangars of historical importance in the former terrain square, especially the hangars 23 and 24, probably from the period 1906-1914.

A large part of the north side moat is muted. The rescue is well preserved and largely restored. The state of the main front building is bad.


Because a part of the coniferous side has been muted, the reduction input and the low batteries have disappeared. A number of warehouses were built on the site and concrete slabs were laid out. The fort is divided into a number of parts for the different users. These sections are accessible from different sides.