Machelen French Military Cemetery

History (Source: Wikipedia)

The French military cemetery of Machelen is a military cemetery with French fallen from the First World War, located in the village of Machelen, a district of Zulte. The cemetery covers an area of ​​about 2700 m² and is located about 450 meters southeast of the village church. Next to the French cemetery of Saint-Charles de Potyze, it is the second largest French military cemetery in Belgium. There is a memorial cross, designed by G. Lefèvre, and a memorial wall with a sculpture by the French sculptor Marguerite Bayser-Gratry. 750 deaths are commemorated.


This cemetery is the collection cemetery of almost all French soldiers who fell during the liberation offensive of October 1918. Most of them died during the fighting on the Leie and the railway from Ghent to Kortrijk. Many were originally buried at other municipal cemeteries. The original wooden crosses were replaced in 1927 by cast-iron ones, and in 1980 by the current models in composite material. Striking are the many grave marks that reflect the different beliefs of the victims. The graves of soldiers from the then North African colonies stand out because of their Islamic gravestones. There is also one Chinese burial (he belonged to the workers' corps)