Cantincrode (Krijgsbaan) Civil Cemetery 

Historical Information (Source: CWGC)

This cemetery contains the grave of one Commonwealth war casualty.


Originally the casualty was unidentified and the burial in this cemetery was unknown to the Commission until 1985; it is in a plot established in the early 1940s for Belgian servicemen and was previously assumed to be the grave of a Second World War casualty. In 1993, objects found with the body and depositions from local citizens identified the remains as a First World War officer of the Royal Naval Division who had died in the defence of Antwerp in October 1914 and who had originally been buried in Edegemsestraat Cemetery. The grave was moved to its present location in October 1940. The grave was not marked by a Commission war pattern headstone, but with a white sandstone cross in keeping with the rest of the graves in the Belgian plot. However, following the identification of the casualty, a Commission headstone was erected on the grave.


There are also a number of Belgian war graves who died in World War ll. These are the graves of resistance fighters, soldiers or civilian victims.