Memorials to Captains Bowlby and Skrine

History (Source: Wikipedia) 

'In proud and loving memory of Geoffrey Vaux Salvin Bowlby', 'Captain Royal Horse Guards', 'Born 1st Decr 1883', 'killed in action near this spot on 13th May 1915' while leading a counter attack'


G.V.S. Bowlby, born in London on 1 December 1883, had already had a military career before the outbreak of WWI and had already been promoted to 'Captain'. He was killed on May 13, 1915, which was a particularly bloody day for the British cavalry. On May 13, the Germans launched an attack and the British troops hunted backwards. During a counterattack in the afternoon, in an attempt to regain the original line, many victims fell: 40 officers (including Captain Bowlby) and about 280 men. A small 1400 officers and men would have been injured or lost during this action. The bowl of Bowlby was lost during the later war and his name was engraved in the Menin Gate. A memorial cross was set up on the initiative of the family. A memorial plaque in the 'St. George's Memorial Church 'in Ypres commemorates Bowlby as well. The private Memorial of Bowlby, together with the neighboring memorial to Captain Skrine (which were brought together within a fence) is managed by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.


"To the glory of God and in loving memory of Henry Lancton Skrine Captain 6th Somerset L.I. who fell in action and was buried close to this spot 25th September 1915', 'In memory also of the men of his company who lie here with him', 'Dulce-et-decorum-est-pro-patria-mori"


H.L. Skrine was born on 12 November 1880 in Bathford near Bath (Somerset). Skrine had already built a military career before the war. At the outbreak of WWI he volunteered again and joined the '6th Somerset Light Infantry'. On 24 October 1914 he was promoted to 'Captain'. Skrine co-operated with two officers and 11 men of his battalion during combat, which were intended to force a break near Bellewaerde. He was buried in this area, but his grave was lost by the violence of war. His name is mentioned on the Menin Gate. The memorial cross was initiated by the family. His memorial is maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, just like the neighboring memorial of Captain Bowlby (which were brought together within a fence). In the St. George's Memorial Church a memorial plaque reminds Captain Skrine.