Monument of the 4th Army Division

Bron : JABOBS M., "Zij, die vielen als helden", Brugge, 1996, 2 delen - Uitgave Provincie West-Vlaanderen

During the First World War, the 4th Army Division (or Division) thought of setting up a monument for itself. In 1920 the monument was unveiled by King Albert I.  In a specially designed park, surrounded by a low earthen wall, there is a complex of memorials consisting of a monumental memorial stone for the fourth army department in the background, the numerous memorial stones for the different line lineages on the sides.


In the middle of the park is the column for Baron du Faing d'Aigremont. At the very front of the park is a boulder with two poems. The monumental memorial stone of white natural stone stands on a very wide platform with a few steps, the middle section has a heavy profiled cornice on the collar, laterally it is supported by heavy trapezoidal corner supports, also with profiled cornice.


Thirty-six upright and nine reclining white marble memorial stones are arranged in a circle around the central memorial. They stand on a rectangular base, the upright stone narrows slightly upwards and has a somewhat wider rectangular crowning. The lying stones are simply rectangular in shape. The names of the military are divided by grade and arranged alphabetically. All letters are carved and painted green.