Floing Mémorial des chasseurs d'Afrique

Historical Information (Source: Wikipedia)

The memorial and stelae of the 12 African Chasseurs' Regiments, which extend to the right and to the left of the central monument, are well dedicated to the memory of the Chasseurs d'Afrique, but this monument, due to the sculptor Emile Guillaume, carries in all its width the large inscription "To the honor of the French cavalry" which leaves no doubt about the national importance of this high place. It is also called "Braves Gens" to recall that the King of Prussia, William I Admiring at this heroism could not help exclaiming, "Oh, brave people," following the battle with the twin of the Romans' way to Frenois.

At the foot of the monument were grouped under a large slab in 1950, the corps of Lieutenant Colonel Liniers who commanded the 3rd African Chasseurs Regiment and those of about 150 officers and riders fallen during the charges, previously buried at the foot. of the oldest oak of Sedan surrounded by a pen which still remains a place of memory and meditation, at the place called "Fond de Cazal".