La Couture Portugese Monument

This beautiful memorial commemorates the Portuguese soldiers who fell in France in the First World War.


From 9 to 11 April 1914, on a front from Touret (Richebourg) to Zelobes (Vieille-Chapelle), Portuguese troops (13th and 15th divisions), British troops (11th Cyclist Regiment, 1 / 5th King Own Royal Lancasters, Kings Eduard Horses ) and Scottish troops (4th Seaforth Highlanders) to stop the German advance.


At the rear of the first line, the Reduit, a concrete and barbed-wire castle was defended by the troops of Captain Bento Roma. At 4.30 pm the Germans were in front of the Reduit. The white flag was raised shortly before noon on April 10. 168 Portuguese and 77 British soldiers remained.

The Portuguese monument is located on a plot of 25m², which was donated to Portugal by the municipality. It was inaugurated in 1928 in the presence of the Portuguese authorities and Marshal Joffre. The bronze and marble sculpture is the work of sculptor A. Teixeira Lopez.


In the church is a memorial corner for the fallen of the First and the Second World War.